Getting to Antigua Sailing Week 2017

If you are considering to join the race, book your flight well in advance.

Well, I didn’t. I regret it deeply.

I took my flight to Antigua over Expedia, which gave me the best possible Stockholm2Londonoption from Stockholm with AirCanada. I was going to fly to London with SAS, have a layover there for one hour, then continue to fly to Toronto to overnight for my next flight to Antigua. I stayed at Sheraton Airport Hotel, which was extremely convenient , but not nice. I still remember the tomato sauce stained bed sheets and the heavy cigarette smell in my sad room looking over the airport train.

Toronto Airport is a very busy and old looking airport. I recommend anyone to avoid it. No free WiFi anywhere. The people are very friendly though. Whereas AirCanada connection system is not very smart: I didn’t receive a boarding pass for all the way but only to London, Canada and Antigua separately. So each and every gate keeper asked me why I came to Canada, without understanding that I was actually transiting.


This can be a bumpy ride.


Five hours of AirCanada flight means no complimentary food. I ate my sandwich I bought in the airport. When I landed in Antigua Airport, where again there was no free WiFi (am I spoiled by Sweden?) and a long queue to show our passports and customs papers. Really, what is it with customs papers? I filled out one for UK, one for Canada and one for Antigua. Such a waste of paper!


This can be a bumpier ride.


In Antigua airport, passed the passport control underneath the citizenship by investment program advertisement. I wondered how much it cost.

When I get to the taxis, I find out the taxis have the fixed cost of 31USD to English Harbour. It took me 50 minutes to get there, it is practically on the other side of the island. Luckly, I had a driver who undoubtedly loved to sing, so the 50 minutes were full of reggae rhymes.


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